Water & Propane



We mounted a 26 gallon fresh water tank in our garage. The water is pumped to a quick-connect manifold that services a line to our sink, a line to a hose attachment for bike washing, and a line to our eccotemp portable shower. At the sink, water runs from a single small cold spigot and drains into a 6 gallon ‘grey water’ catchment bin that gets emptied regularly. We boil water for dishes and filter water through a portable Berkey system for drinking and cooking. We keep a back-up 6 gallon water jug on board in case we need to store extra drinking water, but we have yet to use it. We can fill up anywhere, but we typically find free potable water fill stations at provincial parks, gas stations, tourist information centres, rest stations, and even the odd Walmart. Our system was built and installed with Ryan’s dad who is a licensed plumber & gas fitter.



Ryan’s dad was also responsible for our super safe and sophisticated propane installation. A 20lb standard bbq tank is housed in a sealed box and vented through the floor. It services a manifold with quick-connects leading to our furnace, three-burner stove, Eccotemp shower (may it rest in peace), and portable barbecue.

We soap-test the lines regularly and have a propane gas detector on board - and it works. We tried to get away with leaving the propane on full-time and one hot night in Liverpool, NS we learned our lesson when we blew the diaphragm in the regulator. The alarm went off at 4am and saved our butts. Lesson learned. Shut off your propane at night, dummy!

We like the convenience and dirt cheap cost of propane, but you could also just use a camp stove for cooking outside, a solar shower, an alcohol stove, and a furnace that runs off of your gas tank. We like both ways of doing things, but ultimately chose to simplify things down to one fuel source.