Trouble In Paradise!

July 6, 2018 3:00am ADT
Hank Snow Free RV Park, Liverpool, NS

Sandi: *sits up in bed*  “Hun- …I think I smell propane!”

Ryan: grumble grumble snorf snorf… “Yeah… I smell it too…”


Sandi: *freaks out and runs outside like a spooked deer*

Ryan: *grumbles under breath* “Fer *beep* sakes…”

And so ensues a magical 20 minutes of Sandi standing in a field staring at the stars slightly catatonic while Ryan turns off the propane and opens all the doors to let it dissipate, followed by an hour discussion where Ryan tries to convince Sandi that we don’t need a hotel room, and that we are not going to blow up, and that we don’t need to rip out our entire propane system.


If you follow any vanlifer on the interwebs, you may have heard that in this lifestyle there are high highs and low lows. One minute you’re gasping in unison at some glorious vista, the next, you’re standing scantily clad outside in the dark at three o’clock in the morning because your propane alarm went off. 

We are learning that every single day can be an emotional rollercoaster. Tension between you and your partner in traffic is followed by deep belly laughs at something weird you saw. An amazing day long boarding ends in a panic to find a place to dump your overflowing grey water. And so it goes…

Living in tight quarters and spending every day together has pushed us to be flexible, patient, considerate, understanding of our differences and reverent of the things that bond us. It’s been a challenging but welcome opportunity for each of us to find out the things we need to change and to accept the things we cannot.

With that, I’ll let you know that we did not blow up and we have emotionally recovered from our midnight wups. We successfully changed our leaking, piece of s*%! tank regulator a day later and resolved to turn off our tank every night from now on. Problem solved! *applause* yaaaaaay

And now back to our scheduled programming…