Happy Canada Day Weekend!

We woke up Saturday Morning at serene Lumsden Pond to warm sun and an empty lot. We enjoyed our morning coffee by the water and decided it would be a good day to get a few chores done. We headed back into Wolfville - our new favourite town - and grabbed breakfast at the farmer’s market where we ran into our new friend, Hyla!

A quick peruse around the market and an old bookstore had us toting treasures which we dropped off at the van before heading to the hardware store and then to TAN Coffee - wifi central. There we had a wonderful chat with yet more new friends acquired from the market (I swear, I’ve never had so many friends. People are so nice here!) and I finally uploaded my first blog post (yay!!).

Ryan was really itching to have his first ride in Nova Scotia, so with our errands complete, we were back on the road. Kentville Gorge offered Ryan a challenging and interesting ride while I spent some time working on the van. I restrung our fairy lights that had been flopping around, reorganized the cupboards, and most exciting of all, found a home for the mountain of STUFF that was living on our bed.

Before today, we had been moving two hiking packs, a guitar, a ukulele, our window shade, some clothing, a bag of hats and mitts, and our laundry bag EVERY DAY. Once in the morning onto the bed and then again in the evening off of the bed. UGH. To make room, we sacrificed our toilet to the recycling gods and repurposed the giant bench seat to house all of our random items. It’s so much better now.

We have certainly learned the hard way that less is more. Room to breathe is more important than something you think you might miss. We can’t wait to pair down even further. It’s amazing what you don’t need. Ryan returned from his ride happy albeit sweaty so we headed back to where we started our day at Lumsden Pond for a refreshing swim.

Clean and fed, we decided to head down the highway through the Annapolis Valley to a little harbour we had found on iOverlander. We squeezed into the tiny parking lot just before 10pm and took a few minutes to explore the tiny harbour of Hampton - an interesting juxtaposition to the giant mountain we had to drive over to get there. A small lighthouse, some interestingly shaped sheds, and four small fishing vessels sitting on the sea floor aside the wharf made for a cozy feel. A family enjoyed a campfire down the beach and a VW Bus with European plates was our neighbour for the night. 

Our morning was a brief seaside lookout over the stinky bay to spy seals before deciding to head straight to Annapolis Royal for our morning coffee/bathroom/breakfast time. The stretch of highway was bordered by wild rose bushes that filled our tiny home with a pleasant aroma as we drove passed and replaced the moldy sea smell of the harbour.

It always feels so good to get back on the road, off to a new place! 

Annapolis and Port Royal were dripping with history. It seemed incredibly fitting to visit Canada's first European settlement on Canada Day. We had a great coffee and met new friends Warren and Jenny - two cyclists that were on the same trip as us only on two wheels - incredible! 

After visits to Fort Anne, the Sinclair Inn (second oldest wood building in Canada!), Tripp's Gallery, and the reconstructed Port Royal, we got back on the road, this time, to Digby.

We weren't sure what to expect in Digby. Locals and guidebooks alike suggested a quick pass-through in contrast to its apparently more-charming neighbours. Nevertheless, we thought we would try our luck at finding some dinner. Boy, were our expectations exceeded!

We strolled into Shoreline Restaurant and snagged their very last patio seat overlooking the harbour and there was even a live band playing on the lawn. Ryan enjoyed a meal of scallops and I dove into the best burger of my life. We strolled the wharf after dinner to take in the sunset, then made our way back to the boardwalk for an excellent fireworks display. 

Feeling throughly Canada Day-ed, we went to bed feeling spoiled and excited for our next destination...