Two Awesome Weeks in the Maritimes

I’ve been trying to write my first blog post for the passed week and a half and I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps a daily blog is necessary. I couldn’t have guessed that we would do and see so much every day. Our country is giant and beautiful and awesome and there is so much to explore. In this short amount of time we have… (deep breath) circled the Golden Horseshoe, survived the zoo that is driving in Quebec, climbed one of the tallest peaks in the Maritimes, walked the ocean floor, sampled organic farm life, and survived illness and discomfort that some couples may never know. And that sentence only scratches the surface!

I’ve lost count of how many wonderful people we have met (some at the laundromat!) and how many times we’ve crested a ridge in the road only to gasp in unison at the vista gifted to us. We have bathed in a river and slept by the ocean. We’ve sung along to George Strait driving through the Annapolis Valley and spent rainy nights playing crib and drinking craft cider. The East Coast has been everything we imagined and more.

We hope that you’ve been following our Facebook and Instagram posts over the last few weeks as they give an excellent glimpse into the sheer untouched beauty that the East Coast of Canada has to offer. My heart aches a little for the stories I’ve been dreaming up each day that will decidedly not make it to the blog, but I’m excited to start sharing our days as they happen.

And so with that, I’m packing up the last two and a half weeks into a tiny memory box in the back of my mind to treasure always. Boots are on, camera is primed, hands are ready to write…  let’s go exploring!